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  • Kodak T-Max 100 Black and White Film (135/35mm)
    Kodak T-Max 100 Black and White Film (135/35mm)

Kodak T-Max 100 Black and White Film (135/35mm)

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  • One of the Best Black and White films to come out of the Kodak labs. TMAX 100 is a medium speed (EI 100) film which has an extremely tight and fine grain film structure together with a very high resolving power. The favourite film of many Landscape, Documentary and Portrait photographers for many years now this really is a Classic black and white film.

    Photographic examples of this film from flickr:
    Sample images using TMAX 100 on flickr
    Here is Kodak's official datasheet on TMAX 100:
    Kodak TMAX 100 Official Datasheet

    • Kodak T-Grain chemistry allows for extreme fine grain images
    • Extremely high resolving power
    • Improved handling under short and long exposures without excessive reciprocity failure
    • Expanded exposure latitude allowing minor exposure errors to not adversely effect final image

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