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  • Gizmon iCA5 Military iPhone case
    Gizmon iCA5 Military iPhone case

Gizmon iCA Military Case for iPhone 4/4S

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  • In this age of iPhone photography we all love creating amazing images using these great pieces of technical wizadry. However walking around with a phone, holding it up to our chosen subject and touching the screen doesn't quite give us the same feeling as we get with a real camera. It just doesn't have that same tactile feel or sound us photographer's are used to.

    Well now this is all about to change. By slipping on the Gizmon iCA case on to your iPhone 5/5S you can actually start to feel and shoot like a photographer again! With its classic rangefinder looks and shutter button functionality you too can feel like Cartier-Bresson when out with your iPhone.

    The Gizmon iCA 5 case comes with a whole range of improvements over earlier versions including an easy to mount system using two handy screw adjustments and a new lens hood to prevent unnecessary flash reflections. To avoid any possible impact to your phone the case comes equipped with a special sponge and also sits a bit higher than the iPhone screen to avoid direct contact. Finally two protectors for the home button and LCD screen complete the protection.

    For even more creative options add some of the Gizmon Clip on lenses, Remote shutter or Tripod from our Gizmon collection.
    • Compatibility: iPhone 5/5S
    • Lightweight
    • Allows shutter button to be used to operate apps
    • Detachable tripod mount
    • Strap holes for attaching your favourite camera strap
    • Additional lenses available (Fisheye, Macro)
  • LAPSE INTO ELECTRI CITY by Shuji Tsukamoto (Mobile photographer / Video director)

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