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  • Holgaroid Starter Kit
    Holgaroid Starter Kit
  • Holgaroid Starter Kit
    Holgaroid Starter Kit
  • Holgaroid Starter Kit
    Holgaroid Starter Kit
  • Holgaroid Starter Kit
    Holgaroid Starter Kit
  • Holgaroid Starter Kit
    Holgaroid Starter Kit

Holgaroid Starter Kit

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  • This Holgaroid Starter Kit includes the Fantastic Holgaroid instant polaroid back together with a Holga 120N camera to use it with.

    When the original Polaroid attachment for Holga was discontinued the original inventors took it upon themselves to continue the production of the Holgaroid in light of its popularity. Installation is super easy and is completed within a matter of minutes. What's more you can switch between your Holga 120 regular film roll mode and the Polaroid holder by just switching the backs. As the Holgaroid back obscures the regular Holga viewfinder it comes with its own pop-up viewfinder. Additionally a new film frame mask and a 0.3x correcting diopter lens (to compensate for the change in distance from subject to film plane) are included. Now you can have all the fun of a Holga AND a Polaroid! And with no processing or developing cost and time factors to consider!

    Notes: For FP-xxx Fujifilm format the image area is 7.3x9.5cm (not full frame). For Type 8x format film the image area is 6.9x7.2cm (full frame)

    Using the Holgaroid is as easy as:
    1. Fit the Holgaroid back, mask, viewfinder, correcting lens
    2. Open Holgaroid back and load your pack of Polaroid film. Close back
    3. Make sure no lens cap on!
    4. Compose your image through the Holgaroid viewfinder
    5. Remove the darkslide (slides out)
    6. Click the shutter and replace the darkslide
    7. Pull out the Polaroid from the camera back and lay on a level surface. Wait for development (varies according to film)
    8. View your Amazing Holgaroid result!
    • Film Format: 120 Medium Format
    • Accessories Included: Polaroid viewfinder, Film mask, 0.3x Correcting Diopter Lens, Darkslide
    • Compatible Holga Cameras: All Holga 120 Cameras EXCEPT Holga 120-3D, Holga 120-PC-3D, Holga 120 WPC
    • Compatible Polaroid Films:
      • Fujifilm FP-100B, FP-100C, FP-400B, FP-3000B
      • Polaroid T-80 Series: Type 82, 84, 87, 88, 89 and Viva
      • Impossible Film: Polaroid 100 Chocolate, Sepia and Blue
    Holga 120N Specifications
    • Lens Type: Plastic f/8 60mm
    • Focus Mode: Adjustable / Zone Focus (Portrait/Small Group/Big Group/Infinity)
    • Flash: Hot-Shoe
    • Native Film Format: 120 Medium Format
    • Aperture Settings: f/11 (Sunny) or f/8 (Cloudy)
    • Viewfinder: Eye Level Direct
    • Tripod Mount: Yes
    • Bulb (Long) Exposure: Yes
    • Power: No batteries required
    • Dimensions: 140x102x76mm
    • Weight: 200g
    • Accessories Included: 1 Take Up Spool, 2 Film Frame Masks (6x6cm and 6x4.5cm) and 1 Strap
    • Shots/Roll: 12 (Using 6x6cm mask) or 16 (Using 6x4.5cm mask)
    • Recommended Film: ASA100 (Sunny) or ASA400 (Cloudy/Indoors)
    • Shutter: Leaf, 1/100s

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