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  • Gizmon SmartClip Cross Screen Filter Lens
    Gizmon SmartClip Cross Screen Filter Lens

Gizmon SmartClip Cross Screen Filter Lens

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    Photography is changing and becoming more and more mobile. Never has it been more true that the best camera you have is the one with you. And now we are all carrying all kinds of devices which we use to capture our favorite moments.

    How do we create the most interesting images on any one of our mobile or gaming devices? Gizmon has now designed a whole range of easy to use lenses for your mobile needs. The Gizmon Smart Clip is designed to be clipped on to any number of phones, tablets, gaming devices, computers as well as the Gizmon iCA system to solve this problem.

    This Cross Screen Filter adds a twinkle to your nightlife. The Cross Screen Filter gives any light a glimmering cross-shaped sparkle.Your everyday streetlights, head lamps, illuminations, and candles will all stand out with a mystical glow. By rotating this filter, your iPhone movies will turn into a surreal, enchanting dream.
  • Features include:

    • Take awesome motion effect images directly from your device
    • The filter can be directly mounted onto your device or GIZMON iCA in seconds!
    • Included in set: GIZMON iCA Filter & SmartClip
    • No Software or apps required to get the effect
  • Works great with all of the following:

    • Smart Phones including iPhone 4/4S/5/5S
    • Hand-held gameing devices
    • Web cameras
    • Toy digital cameras
    • Gizmon iCA System

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